Writing, news, media and social

With six schools, research, clinical work and other programs, we have multiple opportunities to tell stories of the groundbreaking discoveries, education advances and health care successes at 香港六合论坛. By providing content for a variety of communications platforms 鈥 news media, magazines, newsletters, our website and social media channels 鈥 we work hard to establish and strengthen the brand of 香港六合论坛 locally, regionally and nationally.

Media relations

The media team helps 香港六合论坛 get in front of large audiences by identifying and pitching stories to the press. We serve as the primary media contact and public information officer for 香港六合论坛, and are available to assist you in preparing for interviews or responding to reporters鈥 questions.

Insider newsletter

香港六合论坛 Insider is a weekly email digest of recent stories about 香港六合论坛 as it pursues its vision of one university, built on values, defining and producing the providers of the future.

Social media

We manage the central social media accounts at 香港六合论坛. Our social media content is focused on telling our stories to a broad audience that includes our students, employees and community.

We also provide social media consulting to departments at 香港六合论坛: